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'cause I can't get much wronger

a tmi/bonerblog (obviously nsfw). this is where i post hot butts and occasionally talk about my (lack of) sex life. A WARNING for the easily triggered or those who simply dislike it:
this blog contains knifeplay, gunplay, blood, LOTS of bondage, depictions of rough sex, alien and/or robot dongs, various old and new military uniforms, mad scientists, highly sexual villainry and other creepy kinky stuff.
for your perusal:
knifeplay/gunplay/weapons in general
men in uniform
dapper gents and ladies
hot robots, cyborgs, synthetics and SCIENCE
monstery folk
glorious 2d
my smut
Aug 21 '14


batman comics keep depicting the catwoman relationship as like her being a femme fatale and batman is all “you are a criminal and i should arrest you but instead we will have sex and you will have a seductive look on your face; i, on the other hand, will never stop scowling” but imo it should way more be “jesus christ i moaned when she first tied me up with that whip and she noticed and i’m too shy to admit to literally anyone else i want to be pegged until i’m sweating like a pig”

thanks for reading my blog

Aug 20 '14



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Aug 19 '14

#someone write a fic where loki gets off on puny mortals slapping him around#even though it doesn’t physically hurt him and it’s only psychological

Aug 4 '14


Motherfuckin robotsss

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Aug 2 '14

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Aug 1 '14



Jul 31 '14


who is this how can i get in contact w him


Jul 27 '14
Jul 25 '14


oh my god i cannot believe i have to make a post saying because it is in my header but DO NOT FOLLOW THIS BLOG IF YOU ARE UNDER 18

i reiterate, since i recently gained a few followers

it is literally illegal to follow blogs like this one if you are underage and i implore you to unfollow if you are under the age of 18.

this is not me being mad at you, or trying to be prudish.  this is me respecting the law and not wanting to get arrested for exposing minors to pornographic material, which is a thing that CAN and DOES HAPPEN if you are a 17 year old and your parent/s catch you looking at this shit.

if you like my terrible boner scrawls i have a sfw main blog where i post my non-boner art sometimes.

Jul 23 '14

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